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Welcome to the Yarrabee Boer Goat Stud Website

Yarrabee Boer Goat Stud is one of the largest and most established studs in Queensland. The stud is located in the Goombungee district (35 km northwest of Toowoomba) on the Darling Downs, South East Queensland (175 km from Brisbane Airport). Visitors are always welcome to Yarrabee, which is readily accessible from both the Warrego (30 km) and New England Highways (20 km).

The stud prides itself on the natural breeding of structurally sound goats, reared under paddock conditions.

Yarrabee, featuring the stud prefix “YRB”, has been operating since early 1998, breeding quality Boer goats from a range of genetics.

Fullblood Boers comprise the majority of goats produced, but the stud offers a variety of goat categories to satisfy all customers. These include:

  • Standard Fullblood Boers
  • Red Fullblood Boers
  • Purebred (Upgraded) Boers including some Polled types (limited numbers)

Stud Boer breeders and export buyers can purchase quality, registered stud stock, suitable for showing and further stud breeding. Commercial meat goat producers can select from registered and unregistered fullblood Boer bucks, ideal for running in extensive situations with commercial does.

Alongside the production of quality, well-managed Boer goats, the stud offers training opportunities and genuine advice for people interested in goats. These opportunities include:

  • Short courses, covering all aspects of successful goat management
  • Work experience for school and university students

Yarrabee nestles among the hills

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